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1/2 Day Chakra Balancing Workshop

Our unique chakra balancing workshop enables you to learn about our 7 key energy centers which when in balance, promote overall health. Chakras are spinning wheels of light and energy that affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually and when unbalanced can have a negative effect on the functions of the body. Therefore working with the knowledge and energy of these two together through yoga postures, mindfulness and massage is a powerful transformation for full health.

Workshop includes 30 minutes talk, 60 minutes Chakra Yoga Class, 60 minutes Energy Healing Massage, 30 minutes Meditation and Vegan or Vegetarian Lunch.

Retreat is only half day and is available any day until 30th of September 2017. Please book at least a day in advance directly through the website or by calling +38269146939.

Previous workshops

Yoga Meditation Workshop

1/2 Day workshop in July 2018

A short, half day or 5.5 hours engagement to explore classical Indian Philosophy of Yoga and Buddhist Meditation among with a 2.5 hours class included in the workshop.

Vidhi simplifies the complexity of meditation and provides his students a path that is easy to follow. His constant guidance keeps students abreast with the progress on the spiritual path as they see themselves transforming into new people who are mentally and physically healthy in everyday life.

Learn how to make natural skincare and create your own products

4 days workshop with lectures in April 2017

This workshop is for anyone who would like to use natural skincare regardless of previous knowledge, gender, age or skin type. High quality home made skincare opens the door for creating many individual products.

Learn how to make your own skin care products

23 - 26 April 2016

Natural skincare workshop is organised by "Orisha" company

All inclusive yoga retreat

14 - 22 May 2016

Give yourself a gift of yourself, rest from everyday stress with healthy food and daily yoga classes, learn meditation and breathing techniques