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Visiting Consultants

Every year we bring something special to Senso di Cattaro, by inviting extraordinary experts to host different retreats. Each retreat leader is not only a specialist in their particular field, they are also extraordinary individuals, passionate and dedicated to help every guest achieve the best results in a highly relaxed, and friendly manner.

Natasha Krnajski Belovljev

Theta Healer and Reiki Practitioner

Natasha is a mom, a joyful and grateful resident of the planet Earth, grateful to have been given the opportunity to be here in light, joy, health and peace. She has been practicing energy healing and studying it deeply for about 6 years, although she has always felt the healing abilities. Work with people has always been a vocation and love for Natasha, initially in the field of human resources and mediation as a way of constructively resolving conflicts in a corporate world. Energy healing science has, as a further step in her personal development, discovered to her many things and brought to her an opportunity to help others on more subtle levels. She is grateful for the following knowledge on energy healing, which are related to Theta healing and Reiki energy: • Basic DNA • Advanced DNA • Dig Deeper • Rainbow Children Kids • RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight • Soul Mate • World Relations • Plants and animals Reiki • Traditional Usui Reiki majstor ( I, II, III stepen ) • Angelic Reiki • Vihor Reiki • Svetlosna Ishrana • Reiki poslovni • Esencija regeneracije nerava

Una Senic

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Una Senic is certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Kundalini Research Institute) as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. She accomplished her level 1 in Rishikesh, India with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. She is co-owner and instructor in the Pole Dance Fitness Studio in Belgrade, Serbia, where she organises many workshops, lectures and seminars for women and about women in a Happy Women Club. Una was initiated into Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher by Ole Gabrielsen.

Vesna Lekovic

Senior Physiotherapist

Vesna is Schroth Method Therapist (organising camps for children in Bulgaria and Romania), Bowen Therapist, doing lymphatic drainage massage, tai massage (complex massage that includes yoga-passive stretching, shiatsu, reflexology, meridians), therapeutic massage, sports massage, relax massage, madero therapy, exercise corrective gymnastics.

Jade Chantel

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jade is an international yoga teacher by trade, having taken part in an in-depth yoga training on two occasions in Rishikesh, India- the birthplace of yoga. She attained her 200hr yoga teacher certification in 2013 and she spent a year teaching and practicing yoga, before returning to Rishikesh to complete her advanced 300hr yoga teacher certification. She has taught in various countries around the world including New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, Tanzania and onboard of a 6 star luxury cruise ship. Jade has also attained certificates in Nutrition, Anatomy, Massage and Complimentary Therapies. She is trained to lead group meditations, crystal sound bath meditations and Restorative and Healing yoga classes.

Vidhi Chhariya

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Vidhi Chhariya grew up with the practice of Yoga and Meditation very close to the yoga land of Rishikesh. Today he is a head teacher at one of the leading Yoga institutes Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga in India. An expert in Zen Meditation and the classical approach of Hatha Yoga, he is also a teacher of healing therapies such as Reiki and Transcendental Massage. With more than 30 years of personal practice, he is a great introduction to the subject of Yoga and learning how to progress into Buddhist meditation.

Predrag Pedja Filipovic

Wellness Professional

Predrag Pedja Filipovic is a teacher and a creator of numerous massage, Wellness and Spa concepts; he is an educator for professional therapists in various hotels around the region, as well as specialized hospitals for rehabilitation. A founder of a manual massage training school named “Professional” in Belgrade, which have already seen more than 30,000 students finishing its course. He is also a founder of The Wellness Academy Pedja Filipovic (WAPF). He has graduated from the Medical College of the University of Belgrade as the best student with the theme "Methods of Relaxation In Kinesiotherapy- Jacobson's System Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation". He is also a certified yoga instructor and the only instructor of Ai Chi method in the region by a Japanese author Jun Konna, who was actually his teacher.

Vladimir Stevanovic

Reiki Master

Vladimir is a certified Japanese ninjutsu black belt, Reiki master, Serbian Kudo champion 2015 (Japanese MMA), Qi gong healer and teacher, NLP practitioner, master Archaeologist, Holistic Therapist, certified SDI Open Water Diver, and experienced mountaineer. He has started practicing traditional Japanese medicine by studying the art of Ninjutsu, a martial art based on traditional Japanese medicine. Through this knowledge and experience he has discovered a variety of body healing treatments such as Shiatsu, Yumeiho, Thai massage, Reflexology, Therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Relaxation massage, Reiki treatments, Crystalotherapy, Qi gong massage and Holistic massage. He has combined all of these systems into a whole by creating a treatment called Karma Treatment, which is a combination of a acupressure, chiropractic, homeopathy and Rei ki.

Maja Radojkovic

Yoga Instructor

Maja Radojkovic is a professional massage therapist, a certified yoga instructor and an avid lover of nature. With 14 years of experience in therapeutic practice she is constantly expanding her expertise through learning various new methods and developing her knowledge of the human body. Maja has got certificates from the Massage School 'Professional' in Belgrade, Steiner Spa Academy in London, as well as diploma in Hatha yoga and Pranayama from Vidya School of Yoga in Belgrade. She has also trained to become BARS energy therapist or Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. This therapy perfectly complemented a variety of massage techniques she uses, and from recently she started practicing a demanding Iyengar yoga. Maja is skilful in following treatments: relaxation massage, anti-stress massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, lifting facial massage and treatments, scalp massage, as well as many others.

Zana Maric

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Since graduating from the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics, Žana Marić was always interested in holistic and alternative methods for treating human ailments. Therefore, as soon as she was introduced to Dr Bach's Flower Remedies, she has recognised its power and enrolled in the school for Dr Bach practitioners in Belgrade to learn how to apply his flower remedy system and become a practitioner. After finishing the school, she has completely dedicated herself to Dr Edward Bach's remedies and this complementary treatment. Bach's remedies are completely natural and harmless. They are directed at a particular emotional state or mental situation in a very subtle and effective way. The physical symptoms are the consequence of emotional and/ or mental imbalance, and acting on it, reduce or completely eliminate the physical symptoms. After an appointment with a practitioner, each client receives an individual remedy, a personal tincture made of combination of plants. After 7 days a practitioner checks with the client and adjusts the remedy if necessary until client's condition improves.