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(ENG) Wellness

(ENG) We are great believers in a good massage, whether you need to get some toxins out, stretch the muscles, get your cellulite reduced, or migraine gone, whatever you need, massage can help you! When it comes to the massages, we have them covered with our great physiotherapists and massage therapists. From relaxation and traditional Swedish massages to more exotic Yumeiho and Shiatsu therapies.

(ENG) Full Body Relax Massage

(ENG) (60 minutes)

(ENG) relax whole body, rest your soul and mind with this gentle treatment incorporating various techniques, longer version incorporates heavenly head and face massage

(ENG) Total Relaxation,
Full Body Relax + Face + Head Massage

(ENG) (90 minutes)

(ENG) unwind from head to toe, a blissful treatment incorporating a relaxing whole body massage with a combination of indian and shiatsu head massage

(ENG) Deep Tissue Body Massage

(ENG) (25 minutes/ 60 minutes)

(ENG) massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues with focussed, intense pressure, stretching and loosening muscles that need attention

(ENG) Yumeiho Massage

(ENG) (75 minutes)

(ENG) Experience wellness massage of your dreams. Indulge in a face and head massage combined with a Yumeiho therapy, a holistic Japanese remedial massage therapy that aims to restore body symmetry and the center of gravity, and consequently improve the health. During this treatment please wear comfortable loose trousers and T-shirt

(ENG) Face Head Neck and Arm Massage

(ENG) (40 minutes)

(ENG) experience this fascinating massage to calm both the nervous system and the overworked mind, relax on a deeper level. The massage is ideal for active people with high anxiety levels due to everyday stress.

(ENG) Foot + Calf Massage

(ENG) (30 minutes)

(ENG) amazing treatment for travellers after long flights and tiring walks (please note this is not reflexology)

(ENG) Therapeutic Massage

(ENG) (25 minutes)

(ENG) an ideal massage to treat back pain, ease tension & relieve stress

(ENG) Anti Cellulite Detox Massage

(ENG) (50 minutes)

(ENG) invigorating massage concentrating on problematic areas promoting weight loss and toned muscles using aromacellulite oils, a discounted course of 5 treatments is possible

(ENG) Body Scrub

(ENG) (30 minutes)

(ENG) from the purest ingredients handpicked from our magical mountains and cleanest sea salts, this aromatherapy treat will exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and nurture your skin producing a natural glow. Enjoy a complete revitalizing and detoxifying treatment using only the best ingredients: salt from dead sea, pure essential oils and organic shea butter

(ENG) Healing Massage

(ENG) (60 minutes)

(ENG) A special healing experience, of the body mind and soul where the therapist works with your tantric energy, rejuvenating your body and energy centers.

(ENG) Transcendental Therapy

(ENG) (60 minutes)

(ENG) A Buddhist philosophy states, everything that happens to us is a creation of our own mind. With this premise the therapist conducts a powerful meditation based psycho therapy session to help you find meaning and answers to your blockages.

(ENG) Reiki Session

(ENG) (60 minutes)

(ENG) A session to re balance the energy of your Chakras and enhance the energy flow of Kundalini. Especially great for mental and emotional exhaustion, the effectiveness of this session leads you into a deep conscious sleep.